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"I don't like being made fun of. I don't like being separated because I'm different. Being a kid is hard. Being different is harder. Why can't different be cool?" Trae Pocza


With his dream of being an entrepreneur Trae put an answer to his questions with his vision of TP T-SHIRTS. He decided HE IS going to MAKE different cool! He is going to celebrate being special! He knows there’s MILLIONS of kids out there just like him, there’s something that makes them special TOO! Join him in being proud of who we are and making our differences SPECIAL!


"From the outside, you can't tell Trae is any different. It's been a 6-year battle to classify Trae. Trae's clinically diagnosed with 5 learning disorders and 2 neurological disorders. The problem is they prohibit each other from ever getting around the other. My son is "Special Ed" according to the "Norm". It breaks my heart, as a Mom, his journey, how hard he has to work even at the easiest things. 

What all those classifications don't say about Trae is what really matters. His heart, he's the sweetest kid. His resilience and his ability to be blind of any difference's. He loves everyone, accepts everyone, because he wants to be. He can outwork anyone under the table. He's an AMAZING kid. One day, he's going to crush that Special Ed mold and redefine normal. This I know. I'm just proud... he's mine." Melissa Pocza/ Trae's Mom




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Wow!!!!! I am blown away mom. Way to Go!!!! This is the best!!!! I'm so proud of Trae and you. Incredible. -Dr. Beverly Dooley

Trae, I really like the shirts you have designed! I believe you are on to something. Best of luck to you. Mike

I'll support Trae, any day! There's a new rhyme for you! Trae you are precious and I am super proud of you! I can't wait to rock my new shirts!!!!!

Trey, my heart is overflowing. All of life circumstances, hurtful sometimes, I have chosen to be BETTER and not bitter. I can’t tell you how proud of you for choosing to do the same. You are a LEADER! My grandson is 9 years old and has ADHD. Kids st school have severely bullied him. Threatened him in the most unimaginable way. As a family we all stood behind him and made positive changes to limit his exposure to the bullies. I am buying a shirt for my grandson to show solidarity, encourage change, and most of all affirm that he, like you, is never alone. Your courage, creativity, and intelligence is an example of our future leadership, and for that I thank you. You are an inspiration. Know that God chose you for this purpose, to inspire and offer hope and change that our society needs. In His Service, Sharon McLaughlin

I am blown away!  I truly admire you as a mom for helping Trae turn a struggle into something so positive.  I have a special place in my heart for these kiddos as I went to the Winston School myself! 

THANK YOU for being the Mom you are!  Trae is truly blessed to have a mom like you!  Elaine

Hi Trae and Melissa! My daughter Stella is 11 and she is also a square peg so to speak.Her ADHD diagnosis has caused her to be the target of many jokes and mean comments. Like you, she doesn't see differences. She accepts everyone as they are. She has learned that there are actually many hidden gems that come along with having ADHD. She is hoping to take a national pageant stagle in July to encourage kids to accept everyone and their differences and to help kids their challenges into their strengths. Just like you're doing! Keep up the great work! The world needs more kids just like you! - Jessica Gardner

All of this speaks to my family! We have a special 13 years old. Seventh grade has been tough and we've had to make some difficult decisions. Keeping our son safe and happy is our priority! Keep up the good work Pocza family!! - Katina Justice 

Iam so excited for these tees! We LOVE all the designs, but we specifically wanted to start with these for a school appearance, on No bully zone and awareness of special we all are. Hoping to do some promotions, for you guys!!! - Sandi Holloway

I am so excited for you Trae!  Dr. Dooley always preaches about helping our DS kiddos find what they are really good at or what they really enjoy.  When school is not always the easiest for them, they need an outlet or a thing that makes them feel really good about themselves.   You have found it! So excited for your whole family! - Mrs. Hauffman (Trae's Speech Therapist )

Well done Trae! Such an amazing business opportunity for you hear! I will show my boys your website tonight and plan to place an order so they too can sport your cause. Good Luck! - Jason 

Trae, Tonight I sat next to your mom and  had the pleasure of talking to her and getting to know a little about you.  I have to say you are a very special boy.  I was so impressed with your courage to start your own business and stand up to other kids that can be mean sometimes.  

I love your tee shirts and will be buying some along with sending your website to others who may be interested.  Good luck with basketball and with your new company. - Debbie Adams 

Trey, brilliant business plan! Bring some T-shirts next time at lake, I would like to buy a couple. Papa Joe

Trae, I love your shirts. As a mom whose sons struggled with add, anxiety and where bullied in school, I understand how discouraging this can be. All 3 of my sons also needed speech therapy. You can do this . You have wonderful parents to support you and just take one day at a time, God will lead you in the right direction. Love and blessings , Tanya Andeson

Love the message, Love the Kindness, like “stand for the silent” great to see you guys spreading the word that different is cool and No No No place for bullying anymore on all levels and soooo glad your spreading a positive message. More important than ever for kids to hear & understand. 🤘🏻 Quint

Wow Trae...You are an inspiration to so many including myself. When I first heard your story I was sad about the struggles you've faced in your dealings at school but once I saw what achievements you've made in what many would see as a negative situation it has inspired me to not only purchase your cool t-shirts but to also pass your story on to others. Keep up the good work and know many others including myself will continue to support your cause...Best of luck and continued success and never give in or up! 

Christopher Blanton - Customer

Trae- Stay empowered, brave, and brilliant! What an awesome and inspiring blessing you are to this world. I can't wait to see what God has planned for you. Much love and many blessing to you and your family. 

Emily - Customer

Let  me say that I wore my new tee-shirt today, I love it, I am not only proud of the art and artist, the shirt is the quality that you feel good wearing, it is great. I can’t imagine how proud you must be of young Trae, he is a treasure that has set the bar high for other to follow.  

Thank you again,

Jim - Second Time Customer

Hello Trae, I was inspired to hear your story this morning on my local news in St. Louis, Missouri. I love your business idea! My cousin who is nearly 28 years old has Autism, and people have not always been very understanding about his needs. I am interested to know if you would be willing to make him one of your "God Made Me Special" shirts in an adult size, as I see this is a "youth" product. Maybe your mom can help. Please let me know if this is an option so I can tell you the correct size and send payment to you. Congratulations on being so innovative in starting this business. I teach writing at the university, and I would be thrilled to have a student like you in my class. My very best, Sherry Robertson

Trae, I just wanted to say that you are an amazing kid with a great future ahead of you. I saw your story on wfaa.com and I think what you are doing is outstanding! I admire everything you are doing. When I was younger, I was picked on a lot because of who I am. Now I am police officer that is out to make a difference just like you are. Hopefully one day I will get the opportunity to meet you and your family. Take care and I wish you nothing but success. Keep your head up and be proud of who you always!

-Michelle Horridge (Proud SKT Customer)

Trae, I heard you on Kiss FM this morning. You’re amazing, buddy! I loved hearing your story and admire your passion to be the change in this world. Everyone in my family including myself has at least one learning disability, so I love, love, love your message! Can’t wait to get one of your tees to pass the message on that “Normal IS Boring”! Take care & best of luck with your business! Love, Tawala Tipton